Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Stuff that Makes the Time Pass. .

I can hardly believe that over 2 weeks have passed since I have checked in. .
So many places we've been, things we've done, and stories I have missed telling!
Of course, Easter has come. .
And gone!
I was privledged to be able to share my testimony of conversion. .
from going to church every Sunday because I knew I should. .
To becoming a true daughter of the King. .
At our Sunrise service on Easter morning!
I read through the testimony that I put on my little 'ole blog last year. .
If you didn't get to read it then and are interested click here
We did all our usual traditional Easter things too. .
colored some eggs, attended an Egg Hunt, church all morning Easter Sunday with the traditional HUGE breakfast feast, and ate Bacon Egg Sandwiches! On Good Friday I transported kiddos from youth group to the city for the day. We bowled and shopped and attended a MASSIVE 10 band Christian Rock concert that evening! The only bummer was the part where I ran the red light I didn't see in the row of stop lights that were close together. .and ended up getting T-boned by a poor family who didn't expect someone to be in their lane. .
Thanks to the GOOD LORD. .
Not one of the 10 people were injured. .
and my car was still driveable for the 2 hour trip home. .
AND. .
My AWESOME hubby is able to do the repair work himself. .
Since we carry liability only on my Yukon!
I guess all the time he spent rebuilding cars and trucks has come in handy :-)
It's starting to look like spring around here. .
Grant and I are trying a new gardening technique this summer. .
We planted potatos (yes, in APRIL. .my St Patrick's day planting grandma would have had a fit!!) last weekend. .
In these tomato cages.
We put straw in them and made a nest. .
For POTATOES, you silly cat!!
and planted the little eyes outward. .
covered with some of our own compost and more straw.
Each layer had about a foot of space filled with straw in between.
We tried Purple Majesty variety as well as some type of bulk red potatoes eyes that were clearancing out of the farm store. .
another hint that we waited a l-i-t-t-l-e too long!
We watered them in. .
Hopefully they will be in a spot that can easily be attended to this summer.
We'll let you know how it works out!
We also tied them to the fence. .
Wind is the rule here in Kansas. .
And we sure didn't want our potential harvest blowing away!
The most exciting thing that we have been up to is visible in the background. .
This is how I found my bedroom when we returned from Vegas. .
With a straight thru view of Camille's room on the other side. .
The 100 year old lathe and plaster walls and nasty shreds of black insulation came out. .
And new walls are going up. .
The most fun aspect, though is this. .
A new sunroom/family room that will be entered from my bedroom. .
You can see it as the wall went up last week.
It will be a major change from the outside as well. .
This will give me a nice big chunk of good gardening space for things that need a little afternoon shade. .
And another little patio area to sit and watch life go by from. .
Here's the inside view of the new room. .
The back wall will contain some narrow french doors to open out. .
and plenty of nice big windows to view wildlife (and the animals I claim as children)!
The plans have changed already about 50 times. .
but, as they always do, for the better!!
We also decided to put in a second door to access the room from the large room that we use as the porch and laundry room. .
This door will come in where the little green window is on the left.
This will facilitate some entertaining in this big room as well as just private enjoyment!
Yesterday found me in the city picking up flooring and many of the odds and ends needed to keep progress going forward. We have the two bedrooms in the middle of the living room, which is about to finally wear me down. .
And the boys are all upstairs with J and I sleeping in Grant's bed and Cami on a love seat. .
Hoping that we'll at least have Cami's room painted and moved back into by next week. .
On the agenda for the rest of this week. .
Golf meet on Friday. .
Prom on Saturday. .
This lucky mom gets to help with the after-prom party. .
So if you are up at about 3 am Sunday morning. .
So will I be!!!
I am hoping to post some pictures of how the gardens are looking soon!
We're buckling down for some winter weather tonight here in Southwest Kansas. .
Hope spring has sprung wherever you might be!
Blessings to you all!


  1. Oh my gosh I'm so glad no was hurt in your accident and you could drive the car still. Guardian angels working overtime to keep up with you!
    Never seen the potato planting method you're trying. Interesting. Glad to hear you tied those cages to a fence.
    That is a major renovation going on. Crazy sleeping accommodations. I'm sure you have furniture and stuff stacked everywhere too. It'll all be worth it!
    Looks like a busy, fun week ahead. Enjoy that all night prom activity!

  2. I think it is so important for us to share our testimonies with each other, especially those younger folks. It should be something we are proud of and not something we try to hide away and not talk about.

    Glad no one was injured in your wreck. The thing I hate most about driving in town is the stoplights...always worrying I will run the red one.

    Looks like your project is moving along quite nicely! It's always fun to plan and think about how great it will be, but ugh...those days of "under construction" can be frustrating. Happy to hear yours is going smoothly so far.

    P.S. let me know how those potatoes turn out. I just read about this technique last week!

  3. So glad that no one was hurt in the wreck! All things considered, it sure sounds like it could have been much worse.

    With your big renovation project and all of the Easter activities, combined with spring gardening and school activities, I'm surprised you were able to find any time to check in with us at all. Good luck balancing all the activity!

    The Maximilian sunflowers have started to put up a little growth at the base of last year's stems, so they've made it through. I am so excited! I also transplanted a clump of the native beebalm to a spot near them and added in a couple small starts of compass plant. In a couple years, the prairie along our driveway should really be looking spectacular.

  4. We haven't gotten our tators in the ground either, and were actually thinking about trying the method you used. We DO have some coming up in the garden..left from last year when the boys SWORE there were NO more potatoes left to be harvest. ;) We are just leaving them and letting them do their thing. I can not decide if I am even doing a garden this year. I'm not really sure I WANT do do one, yet the thought of NOT doing it makes me a little sad too. And I've already bought the seeds. It may just be a year of creative planting and container gardening.
    So thankful no one was hurt in your accident. That is my biggest fear. Those stop lights can be confusing and always make me panic. You are certainly not alone!!