Monday, April 15, 2013

Life From the Ant Den. .

To say it has been busy around here . .
Would be putting it mildly. .
Got to watch these two guys play golf last weekend. .
Tristan tied for 1st place. .
and because the other did better on the 6th hole (tie-breaker) he got the 2nd place medal.
Grant did really well also. .
placing 7 or 8th (I said the wrong placing once too many times and now I don't know fact from fiction)
Quiet. .
is NOT her forte. .
And Tristan assured me that he COULD hear her across the course. .
Though I think he was exaggerating. .
At least a little bit!!
Thankfully there were lots of trees for her to climb during the waiting periods. .
And once, I turned around to see her occupied with. .
Planting some seeds in the dirt. .
Be still her mama's gardening heart!!
Devin immediately decided on NOT going to the golf meet when he found out he had the opportunity to help Kelsey and Brett on the house. .
They would prefer his help running the backhoe than mine. .
And he is a great gopher for them too. .
So when we left Friday, he had his carpenter belt strapped on. .
headed to the roof with them.
The boys pulled up the old yellow pine hardwood flooring in my bedroom Saturday. .
We are trying to use child labor as much as possible to keep the cost down ;-)
My boys have done a lot of insulating and other odd jobs to help out. I figure it is good experience for them too. .
Some day their wives will be amazed at how handy they will be!! You can now see the door to the right, which will open to my new closet. .
and the large whole to the left. .
which will be french doors opening onto the sunroom area. .
I am hoping with all my heart to have the bedrooms done this week and painted. .
so we can move everything back into place. .
and return to sleeping in my own bed!!
The greatest blessing of ALL!
Up on Saturday evening. .
Tristan took his friend Abby. .
And they were a cute lil couple. .
Cami was dying to try on Abby's corsage. .
and was pretty thrilled that Abby let her. .
I LOVE the expressions on these two girl's faces!!
We had to laugh when Cami jumped in the middle of the photo after Colton showed up. .
Her new little summer tank had come in the mail. .
which she HAD to wear. .
And it seemed to match Colton's tux quite well!!
Grant isn't into such things as dances. .
so he skipped prom. .
And showed up for the after prom party instead.
As the mom of a sophmore. .
and the loser of the home-front coin toss. .
I GOT to be the one who helped at the after-prom shindig. .
until 4 A.M.
I can hardly wait to do it again next year. .
Maybe I will win the toss. .
And Jeremy will have to go!!
But for this year. .
he DID stay busy. .
Painting my new exit door from the sunroom. .
AND finished the repair and painting of my crashed up Yukon. .
So. .
He was excused in my book!!
Come back in a few days and see what is going on in our gardens. .
I promise. .
it is already written and ready to post!!
Blessings to you and yours this week!


  1. Loved the title of this post! Thats EXACTLY what life is like right now!
    Danny and I laughed a couple of times when we could HEAR Cami, but couldn't SEE her! ;)
    Love the picture of Tristens face. HAHA! I hope Jacob goes next year to the prom part..not just the fun part!

  2. Those kids doing child labor have a head start in life. Good for you!
    I wish ALL parents would teach their kids as well.
    Happy Spring, Melanie!

  3. That's a dashing young man you have there Melanie. I love his expression when he get's that kiss!

  4. I can honestly say that I am not looking forward to those after-prom days again!

    I really hope you will be home to give me the grand yard tour when our Suburban is finished! I can't wait to see what else you have done.