Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Winter Storms. .Blessed Moisture

I often wonder about people who don't blog for a long time with no good farewell note. .
Are they OK? Sick? Dead? Throwing in the blogging towel?
I wonder about them, as I am sure you are wondering about me!
If I ever decide to give up blogging. .
I will let you know. .
So, in the meantime. .
Thanks for showing up to hear a story or two!
Better late than never!
I'm pleased to report that we got major snow and signs of spring in the same week!!
I lose count. .but I think it was 2-3 weeks ago now!!
On my second snow day home from work. .
In between games of slap-jack. .
I was awarded a short window break from the slave drivers children. .
I was pretty thrilled to see SIX bluebirds around the frozen pond!
By the time the second snow came and went. .
We had about 2 feet of snow to be piled up out of the driveway. .
so that every day life could take place. .
Like working :-)
The second snow came as a blizzard that lasted all day and into the night. .
I was glad to see the sun shine Tuesday morning. .
and impressed to see how the snow attached to vertical surfaces. .from all sides!
As well as how it fashioned such CRAZY looking icicles!!
I've seen others with similar photos at their houses. .
And here I thought we were the only ones with unique ice sculptures!
But, I'll add. .
I've NEVER seen icicles like THOSE. .
We were thankful to get out of town BETWEEN the two storms. .
And to grandmother's house we went. .
Where all of the cousins were super excited to play together. .
Including an afternoon trip down the street to a hill that leads down to the river. .you can see the grates on the right where the water goes underneath the main street into the other side.
The object was to land in the snow BEFORE getting to the grate!
I think that everyone got the point!
My big boys and Uncle Chris. .
weathered the entire afternoon. .
With Haley, Teegan, and Colton winning a close second on sledding runs!
Even this old lady (NO, that is NOT me on the sled) made two trips down the hill. .
Totally exhilarating!
And I guarantee that I landed MUCH more eloquently than THIS one did!
I was glad to have gotten the first photo taken above with the beautiful snow about 10 minutes before my father in law came through with his big tractor. .Scooping massive amounts of snow out of his way so he could feed his heifers and their new babies. .that's what the plowed area was in the background. .It was comical to watch those new baby calves run through the snow in the path as they played!
It was good to be with family. .
We hadn't been back with everyone since Christmas. .
 And it was a great time hanging out. .and playing. .
AND I even smoked my sister in a game of Scrabble (which DOESN'T happen often. .unless my preacher's wife happens to call to chat. .and I coerce her into praying for me. .BUT that wasn't the case this time. .I won on my own. .just sayin!)
And while we enjoyed the snow play outside. .
It also meant a few fun activities inside. .
Like a little tea party for lunch!
Tuesday's sunshine was SO warm and refreshing. .
That Cami and I couldn't resist building a little snow buddy. .
And THESE girls. .who didn't leave their coop for nearly a week. .
were glad to get down for a bit of fresh air as well!
On our trip to mom's. .
We brought back a little piece of history. .
And I can't WAIT to show you what this will be soon!!
We are hopeful. .
That because of the winter scenes like these. .
our spring and summer might be a little more normal!
Hoping to be back soon to show some photos of the recent
The greenhouse is in good use right now. .
and I know my gardening friends would LOVE to see what I'm up to in there. .
We also have a few "little things" up our sleeves around here. .
that will CERTAINLY be showcasing some photos in the next few weeks. .
I know that my family enjoys reading what we are up to. .
And I enjoy the comments from the blog-land friends I've made. .
and more than anything. .
I'm so glad you keep showing up right here for a visit!
Thanks for your patience. .
and your friendships!
Blessings for a wonderful week!


  1. We've moved since your last post and I WAS wondering if you'd maybe done the same. But I did leave a message on our blog because, like you said, one does wonder about blog friends when they don't post for a while. Glad to know your better than fine. Loved the photos! We loved the snow, too, except for the part where it delayed our move by almost 2 weeks! But oh, it will make for a much more beautiful spring!

  2. =) Missed ya!!! 6??? bluebirds?? I just want to see one...;P

  3. I wondered what happened to you. :)
    As for the scrabble game, I think it was pure luck on your part.


  4. I'm just glad to know I'm not the only one who takes such a long time between posts! I always tell myself that it is just because we are so busy actually living and enjoying life. Sounds good right?! That sledding looks like a lot of fun! We were able to enjoy our snowmobile for the first time in quiet sometime...which reminds me, I think I need to post those pictures!! Glad to see your back for a quick update :)

  5. Sometimes time just seems to go by doesn't it? Never fear, I always check for your posts even though I am bad and don't always get around to commenting. That is really quite a lot of snow. I haven't seen that much here since my childhood and I miss sledging. Now, what are you going to do with that wardrobe eh?

  6. You got some great snow photos. Amazing about the blue birds at your pond. The snow has kept spring arriving at a slower pace this year which I hope is a good sign. Toasty warm today. Hoping for rain this weekend.

  7. That was a LOT of snow, but that will be so good for the ground!

  8. Love your bluebirds! I've never, ever seen icicles like that either...what the heck?? :) I have to say, I love TN but oh, do I miss days of snow fun.