Thursday, February 21, 2013

Spring. . or Winter?

The weather in Southwest Kansas has been very springlike. .
I have had all sorts of green things poking through the ground. .
Daffodils and tulips coming up. .
Crocus bloomin. .
and fish activity increasing with the great warm temperatures. .
It was in the mid 70's just a few short days ago. .
Nice enough, in fact. .
That I took all my snow people down and put out the spring flowers and bunnies. .
It was time, I deemed!
And then. .
Lots and LOTS of snow!!
I haven't been paid to work in two days. .
I've done enough laundry to clothe a small nation. .
We've enjoyed beef chili. .
and hot cocoa. .
And hunks of old fashioned oatmeal cake!!
And sinks full of dirty dishes to go with them!
I even tried out some Artisan bread from a book given to me by my friend Connie. .
And there is still enough dough in my fridge to make 6 more loaves. . 
We made some cute little necklaces yesterday using washers from Jeremy's shop and our collection of nail polish. .Idea courtesy of Pinterest!
Now to find some ribbons for them. . 
The kids are back out in this winter wonderland enjoying snowballs and tunnels. .
And me. .
I'm enjoying a few minutes of quiet without arguing, roughhousing, and weird body noises!!
It will soon be over. .
(the SNOW. .and likely the quiet moments!)
But we are incredibly thankful for this beautiful, WET, snow to replenish our parched ground and stressed out vegetation! 
Now. .off to the greenhouse to sow some seeds for the SUMMER garden. .
Wishing you all a very blessed weekend. .
The last one of February you know!! 


  1. Oh the cabin fever! Jeremy has been so busy keeping the calves and heifers alive that he hasn't been able to take the kids sledding. I HATE winter and it's no secret that I don't really "do" cold, so this snow has me hunkered down like a bear in hibernation. Well, that and the drifts that cover our yard. We have found a few things to keep up busy, but being stranded in the country could create some serious cabin fever before long!

  2. I love your bunnies and touches of Spring !!
    So thankful for the moisture we have received :)

  3. Spring decorations and snow. Perfect. We're buried. Fun days sledding ahead.

  4. I was just looking back at pictures from the blizzard in 2009. It COULD be worse, I guess. Really starting to feel like a caged lion. And I seem to have the caveman..woman..gather food urge. I've been pretty busy in the kitchen. Makes me feel better, but I sure won't be feeling better when I can't fit through the doorway to get outside. =P

  5. Isn't this snow wonderful?! Your descriptions of food baking have got my mouth watering - I think I may need to fire up the stove for some creativity today, too. The winter equivalent of "making hay while the sun shines", I guess!

  6. Interesting time of year when it can do anything! What a roller coaster. :) But yes, THANKFUL for the much-needed moisture!