Tuesday, December 11, 2012

One Lump. .or Two??

As if Thanksgiving and Christmas aren't enough celebrations to put into one month. .
we also have to add TWO birthday celebrations!! Miss Thing turned 5 last week. .
And it has been a lot of fun!!
She just LOOKS bigger now!!
She has been talking about having a tea party to celebrate since right after she turned 4. .
We were able to make that happen. .
so that is what most of this post shows. .
Homemade (from scratch) strawberry cupcakes with strawberry buttercream frosting. .
complete with sprinkles and cherries!
We all enjoyed chowing down on those delectables!!
The large ones even have the middle cored out and spreadable strawberry fruit under the icing. .
Pink strawberry shake malted milk balls. .some unusual little gummy strawberry puff candy, real strawberries. .and the hit of the party. .
Cotton Candy from the dollar store!!
The little gravy boat and old creamer are mine from years gone by. .
Fancy little tea sandwiches served on my grandmothers glass platter.
Meat and cheese fingers and squares. .
strawberry cream cheese on triangles, and little jelly roll ups.
We also cut star shapes, and topped them with strawberry cream cheese and a berry half. .
little wheat cracker squares with marshmallow fluff and a dab of raspberry jam. .
And of course "tea". .
from some sweet little antique tea cups and saucers!!
The tea was a strawberry punch with fizzy soda added. .
The dainty little princesses were just precious to watch as they sipped and nibbled!
And the party girl herself. .
enjoyed every minute of it!
Devin offered and was beside-himself excited to help serve the guests.
And he did a most excellent job. .
even the princesses thought so!!
I found the top cake stand at a little antique store after Thanksgiving.
they had it displayed just like this. .
stacked on a cake plate that looked JUST like the one I had at home. .
I LOVE how it looks. .
and have set it up and used the combination THREE times since purchasing it less than a month ago. .
It looks great topped with quick breads too!
The pitcher was my splurge of the antiquing day. .
My  mother INSISTED that I take it home from the shop. .
Not knowing what I would do with it AFTER the tea party. .
it actually made a nice little container for a small Christmas tree in my antique Hoosier cabinet. .
Is the picture of excitement???
Interestingly, I didn't ask the girls to wear Christmas colors. .
I just told their moms to have them wear dress up clothes. .
It was funny that they all matched!!
After the tea party snacks. .
they got some little gifts to open themselves. .
little purses with lots of bling, nail polish, and lipgloss. .
And little hair pieces. .
Though I think the little package of tic-tacs was the best find of the day! They thought those little clear boxes with the tiny little candies were positively NOVEL!
After tea and some indoor play. .
Devin and our friend Aubrey took the girls out on "an adventure." Cami was done with her dress by then. .and Mylee decided she was done with HER dress. .and borrowed Cami's. .
Who would have thought. .
That four little girls. .
would have been so exhausting!!
But they all had a great time. .
so it was worth every bit!!
And, after a little family get together over the weekend, before the really cold weather hit. .
We are finished up with birthday parties until next year!
So. .
let the full-on Christmas preparation begin!!
Enjoy your week!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. How very sweet!! Love the little tea cups and I love your cake stand!

  2. That is all just too cute!
    You did good on all those little treats. So fun to use pretty dishes isn't it?
    Sounds like your crew is doing well.

  3. Oh man, I wanna come to that little tea party! All of the treats looks so sweet and so yummy! I would have loved something like this when I was a little girl. Those girls look so sweet all dressed up in red!

  4. Wonderful memories being created! (And great photos to go along with them, too!)

  5. Looks like everyone had a great time! I must say that the food looked incredibly scrummy. A belated Happy Birthday to the party girl!

  6. I think Cami looks bigger too! Hard to believe she is 5 already. Props to Devin for helping out with the party...a great memory for both of them. I LOVE all those pretty dishes!!

  7. That was very special. Something Cami should always remember.

  8. Oh my goodness she got big! What a lovely party...Alli would have loved it. So sweet of big bro to serve the ladies, wow!