Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Slightly Late Thanksgiving Recap. .

Hello, hello!
Since the last time I have chimed in. .
we have progressed well into the Christmas season. .
I have gotten much of my Christmas shopping done. .
I finally got a Christmas card designed (though not printed or mailed). .
We've gotten the house decorated. .
Two kids have been to Operation Christmas Child and back. .
We've had a 10th birthday party. .
We're working on a 5th birthday celebration. .
I've done online recipe searching, online shopping, and online studying. .
but I've done NO online reporting of our lives. .
so I wanted to share the recap of our Thanksgiving!
As our first holiday without the family patriarch present. .
the routine holiday gathering was a new adventure!
My brother Brendan and his wife Tina hosted our clan of 22 (soon to be 23 again with the arrival of grandchild #14 in June). .plus my brother Nick's new right hand man and his two sons.
My baby brother (the 6'5 one cutting the ham) consented to smoke us some protein! What a cook he is indeed. .He smoked a ham as well as a turkey. .and both were divine!! I don't even really like white turkey meat, because even under good circumstances it always tastes dry to me. .but his was phenomenally moist!! We had plenty of vino flowing and lots of good side dishes and desserts.
It was a gorgeous Kansas day. .a touch cool with a slight breeze. .
Brendan (the squatting guy) had found some of his old 4-H rockets in the attic when we helped my mom move to town several months ago. .
And he was roaring to let them fly. .The first attempt had the kids ready with their hands over their ears, waiting for a sonic BOOM. .
But, remembering that the rockets (and their motors) were probably over 20 years old. .
It was no surprise that they had to be "fine-tuned" before launching!
Leaving Brendan with nothing less than blessed satisfaction as the first rocket launched. .
(and the person who drew his name for Christmas convinced that maybe a gift of some NEW rocket supplies would be in order!)
As evidenced by the MASSIVE grin on his face!!
And was retrieved by the designated "pick-up" team!!
An "unofficial" football game gave them something to do while they waited on the search and rescue team to retrieve the rockets!
The kids enjoyed Ranger rides up and down the roads as well while Brendan and Jeremy tinkered with the engines and the 2 rockets between the launches. .
The girls enjoyed relaxing and watching the show. .
while digesting the ginormous amounts of food that we had consumed!!
As we started the rocket show. .the wind actually picked up. .
which just fueled Brendan's fire. .as he had to use SKILL to determine how far to launch the rocket INTO the wind, in order for it to blow back to the field in order to be properly recovered. .
by the constantly changing recovery crew!
And, while our loss hung, heavy and unspoken in the air. .
our day was full of happiness, laughter, activity, and blessings. .the essence of Thanksgiving!!
Friday morning, the Kansas weather wasn't so kind to us. .
as the boys climbed out Grandma's windows and onto the roof to hang her Christmas lights. .
and the girls worked on the greenery and bows on her front pillars. .
the cold Kansas wind whipped around. .
BUT. .
with as many helpers as we had. .the work didn't take long. .
and the girls were soon able to duck out and do a little "after-Thanksgiving" day antiquing!! We all found some fun things. .including some Christmas gifts. .And some little 5 year old girl will soon enjoy a birthday tea party. .using some of the treasures we found. .
And I can't WAIT to show you pictures of THAT!!
Hope you all have found some time to work off your extra calories. .
so that you can indulge in a few extra Christmas goodies!!
A little baking and candy making MIGHT be on our agenda this next week!
Thanks for stopping by. .
to see that we ARE still among the living!!
Have a GREAT week!


  1. We've had nothing but warmth up here for the past couple of weeks. Perhaps you'd like me to send some your way?
    That house is gorgeous--I'm prone to stone. Love all the pics---you guys always have such a good time. And the food!! How come you're all so SKINNY???????????????????????

  2. Sue. .thanks for the offer of warmth. .but it has returned here too!! You would LOVE that little house. .it is an original homestead in my brother's back yard. .they are in the process of restoration. .and it is cool!! As for the skinny. .Good genetics :-0

  3. Looks like a wonderful thanksgiving!!! This warm weather has been beautiful, but I *AM* ready for a little more December feeling weather! Tristen commented how it felt more like spring.
    I LOVE the greenery on your moms porch. I want to add some to my old sled I have by the door, but seem to go blank when I try to think about it. I guess I just need to cut some and sit down and do it.

  4. Looks like a happy active bunch. Pretty cool to get your mom's place all decked out on Friday too.
    I too love old stone buildings. Maybe your brother will let you share the finished project with your audience. :-)

  5. Hi there Melanie,

    Can I play with the men please?? I want one of those rockets! What a wonderful time for all of you to share, very special. Do you have turkey for Christmas as well as thanksgiving over their?

  6. I got to the part about grandchild #14 and couldn't focus on anything else. It was like reading blah, blah, blah..........so I had to call Mom and question her. She didn't know either. Being the nosey things that we are...we figured it out and now I am back to reread what I couldn't focus on! Hee Hee