Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Life. .

Here we are. .
in the first full week of the next to last month of 2012. .
It seems crazy. .
how fast it flies. .
but I am reminded by God's words that life is but a vapor (James 4:14)
And so it will continue to go!
We survived trick or treating. .Cami was a spider queen. .
Devin was an injured football player (with a mask. .mostly because it was a cool mask!)
We survived Salsa day. .
Lots of yummy salsa went into jars to enjoy the rest of the year. .
and lots of yummy salsa went into our tummies as the day went along. .
you know. .
testing it!!
We did a little experimenting on our original flavor. .
and renamed it the "twist." Our other 3 favorites made their yearly comeback on the agenda!
We survived a prank pulled by my husband. .the jokester!!
Lisa was chopping onions and had a mountain of them piled up on the cutting board.
While we weren't looking, Jeremy snuck this realistic plastic cockroach into the pile. .
I was in the process of asking him why he was just standing around smiling at us. .
about the same time Lisa busted into hysterics!!
We survived the change out of computers. .
from our very ooooollllddd one that completely crashed a couple weeks ago. .
to a new one (with our old information since my computer whiz BIL repaired the old one and transferred the info over to the new!). .
outfit with Windows 8. .
which is a little bit tricky. .
and equally as tricky to me as the new windows mail system is!!
But. .we celebrated the set up completion with pedicures. .
This is ONE of the reasons I am enjoying this little girl sooo much!!
We continue to survive our four kids and everything they are about. .
Many days it feels much like I would expect the inside of an ant den to feel. .
like there are many little critters bustling about. .
each doing their thing. .
trying to coincide with everyone else's "thing". .
and making a lot of commotion while they go about it!!
I'm not sure how the queen bee goes about it. .
but I have not yet mastered the art of listening to all the "things"
while trying to manage all of the "things and their things!"
Do you see what I have to work with???
Do I even stand a chance??
In all honesty, I am looking forward to a trip to Dallas this afternoon until the weekend. .
to attend a conference there designed for youth pastors, small group leaders, and other volunteer postitions within the church. .
I am excited for the chance to be taught HOW to lead. .
and expect to be able to improve my effectiveness as both a leader of people. .
and a wife and mom!!
The theme is. .
Surrender: leading people to put others before self, and Christ above all!
And I believe the most important aspect of being a good leader. .
is to practice what you preach!!
So please, if you have a minute. .
prayers for safe travel. .
for Godly fellowship. .
for Godly wisdom to be imparted into our hearts and minds. .
and for a convicted and changed heart. .
so that I can TRULY carry out the ministry that God has given. .
to ME!! (2 Timothy 4:5)
Wishing you all a safe and blessed week. .
Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. Yummy looking salsa minus the plastic bug!
    Switching computers is so fun---not. My computer hubby likes to remind me that it is easier to keep up with the changes than wait until you have to change. Then he casually mentions some great deal he's seen on a new laptop. Hmmm.
    Safe travels. Be well and learn much!

  2. What a beautiful fly on the wall experience to see such a beautiful family. I admire your keen vocation and wish you all the best as you do HIS work.