Friday, November 2, 2012

Is This in my Job Description?

Once upon a time. .
I worked on the yearbook staff as a photographer. .
I took photos and back in the day. .
developed the FILM. .
as well as the photos!
My favorite job was doing the group and club photos. .
 and the homecoming candidate photos at the end of the year. .
Fast forward 20 years PLUS. .
It's been a LOOOOOOONNNNGG time. .
since I have been called to use my head in that manner. .
for more than a couple poses at a time.
So when my sister asked if I would take their family photos while they were down last weekend. .
I was excited about the task. .
That is. .
until we got up Saturday morning and it was 32 degrees when we were ready to shoot them. .
(the photos that is, not the children. .or on second thought. .never mind)
Now. .
anyone that knows much about photography KNOWS that there are only a few certain hours of the day that work well for taking photos. .
And our Halloween party was scheduled to take place during half of them!!
These three monkeys were NOT. .
in the LEAST bit. .
interested in posing. .
without coats or gloves. .
in Aunt Mel's yard!
And things MIGHT have gotten testy a time or two!!
BUT. .
after weeding out about 124 photos with half opened eyes, eyes looking somewhere other than where they were supposed to. .and growl-y smiles that were smiles in shape only. .

I think. .
everyone turned out good. .
and pleased!
They were glad to oblige to my sister's instruction to act silly. .
And this. .
is actually my very favorite photo. .
Because that is SO them!!
By the end, my brother in law (forever NOW known as the "whoopie cushion") was getting into the photo-with-his-wife thing. .
And we enjoyed just shooting the two of them. .
Maybe no one but me is crazy about the spent flowers in the foreground. .
but I rather like them!
Jeremy pulled out his model A (actually, HE was even the one to suggest it). .
and we used it for several more photos. .
Of course, Chris didn't think there was enough of it showing in the above photo. .
so I had to back up. .
and get the whoooooooole car!!
I also had to ask him to remove his hand from my sister's butt. .
and we took another one. .
but apparently I got confused as I uploaded the photos to the blog. .
and you get the PG-13 rated one!
Though I guess it's not any worse than my call-to-smut photo. .
Mature audiences please!
We tried to do a little heart thing with the arms. .
and I changed them a bit for the other photos, so they are actually holding hands. .
but I just now notice Jeremy's reflection in the window right over Kristi's head. .
don't pick this one sis!!
I don't see myself doing any career changes in the immediate future. .
but I sure did enjoy the opportunity to practice again!!
Enjoy a loving. .
and very blessed weekend!!
Salsa day is today at our place. .


  1. Thanks again for all of your hard work!!! Glad you pointed out Jeremy's reflection because I hadn't noticed it either. Too funny!!


  2. Oh yeah...FILM! We used to develop FILM. And in yearbook, we made PAPER layouts and TAPED borders on the photos!
    OK...I absolutely ADORE the photos of them with all their heads smushed in the frame. It's so natural and perfect. My fave is the first one of's just precious!

  3. Awww, you did an excellent job with their photos! It is fun to take photos with different poses and different backgrounds. I can only imagine how those boys were NOT wanting to do this...especially in the cold! LOL!

  4. You did good. It doesn't even look cold out. Nice light too. They're adorable together. Amazing all the details a photographer has to watch especially with people and reflections!