Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Coop Scoop. .

Remember our chicken adventure that started last April?
We had issues over the summer with raccoons. .
and lately, issues with stray dogs. .
And I mentioned that we were getting ready to replenish our little flock with some larger birds bought from friends. .
We finally got the hens a few weeks ago. .
and kept them shut up in the pens for a week to get them used to our system. .
These are Rhode Island Reds. .mostly. .
and they lay beautiful BROWN eggs. .
The first day that we had them, Cami and I went to check on them after lunch. She was looking around and exclaimed "Mama. .there's an egg!! Sure enough, there on the ground of the pen was a nice, large, very brown egg!! Woo Hoo!!
Since then, the guys have revamped our coop a bit to accommodate the girls, and give them more nesting room. (While I was out enjoying the Lion King. .see previous post!) They are laying about 6-10 eggs per day!! Last weekend we enjoyed Egg drop soup and egg salad sandwiches. .and we made 5 cream pies, which used lots of egg yolks. So we don't have surplus YET. .but we look forward to a steady stash of organic eggs! Tristan has been looking forward to learning to bake an angel food cake (from scratch) so the extra eggs will come in handy!
As for these two girls. .
the only remaining of our original flock. .
lovingly referred to as the "roadrunner chickens" (cause these gals have some serious SPEED!)
One of them blessed us weeks ago with AN egg. .
You may remember Grant's photograph of it. .
And we never saw another egg. .
Until. .
I looked closely as I was watering the sweet potato vine. .
Crazy girls. .I pulled 13 eggs out of this little hidey hole. .
And they haven't laid another one in there since. .
Wonder where we will find them next!!
Enjoy your day. .
and thanks for stopping by!


  1. I remember finding egg stashes in our barn. I would think keeping them all penned up this week would help them "learn" where the nest is. Enjoy those yummy eggs.

  2. Ah, I love the chickens and the eggs!