Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Hey. .
Remember me??
We've been here. .
I've not been running ALL the time. .
In addition to kids, 4-H, and Christ centered things. .
I've taken time to do a lot of cooking. .cleaning. .
steaming carpets. .packing for a garage sale. .
I even spent a few hours on Pinterest last weekend instead of blogging!
But here I am. .
back again this week. .
with some photos of our lives. .
to share with our family and friends!!
The first exciting thing that I did was attend the Lion King Broadway production when it was in Wichita! Unfortunately, they are quite strict with cameras being used. .so the photos I am sharing were all taken, courtesy of the broadway publicity photos they share online!
Rafiki. .This girl can SING!! I mean. .belt it out. .cut glass with her crystal clear voice. .WOW!! She was my favorite part! God blessed her with a MIGHTY voice!
I have been waiting for the last SIXTEEN years to see this production!! The production started on Broadway shortly before Tristan was born. I remember VIVIDLY, nursing Tristan on the couch, watching Regis and Kathie Lee. .and seeing them interview the cast. .in costume. Someday, I thought. .someday!!
The costumes were incredible!! The cast wore helmets depicting their character's face. .Their moves were so graceful. .and in stances like this standoff between Simba (or Mufasa) and Scar totally captured the effect!
So a few years back, I worked with a single female doctor from India who loved to travel. .we came up with the idea that we would take a weekend trip to New York City. .because, at that time, Jeremy had NO desire to see the city, and he knew it could be my one and only chance to see NYC. .he graciously offered to stay home with the THREE boys so we could go. On the agenda. .a Broadway musical. .on BROADWAY. .
Zazu the bird was a puppet, run by this guy. .His voice was so similar to the cartoon movie. .and most of the lines were similar to the cartoon. .
I was SOOO disappointed that the Lion King was sold out. .
 several months in advance of our trip!!
We saw Beauty and the Beast. .
which was great fun anyway. .
And I vowed at that show, that I would see as many Broadway productions as I could in my lifetime!
Scar, the evil lion. .was definitely freaky looking. .Notice the details on his outfit. .We were far enough away that many of those little details weren't evident to me at the production. .I enjoyed looking at all the online images. .I noticed that many of the photos included the same cast from the production we saw.
Wichita has a Broadway circuit, that brings 4 or so productions each year. I have seen Mama Mia and Wicked there. When Mama Mia came to town several years ago, I asked Jeremy if he would mind if I called a couple of my girlfriends to go with me. .
He responded that he didn't care WHO I called. .
as long as it wouldn't be HIM!!
 My friends agreed to go. .but unbeknownst to me, they thought I was crazy. They were going for the shopping and eating. .and were willing to sacrifice a couple hours to some musical if they had to!
Five minutes into the show, Kayla leaned over and yelled (over the music). .
"OK. .you were right!! I'm hooked!!"
I knew!!
It's a great friend that goes with you in faith, despite what they really think :-)
These guys were so cool. .look closely. .there are only four cast members there. .each has a gazelle on his head, and one on each arm. As they danced across the stage, they would move their arms to create the effect of an entire herd of gazelles. .A-W-E-S-O-M-E!
So, when I saw the LION KING was coming to town. .for a WHOLE MONTH. .
I knew I would be there. .This time, though. .instead of 3 tickets. .
I ordered EIGHT!!!
Three of my friends had never been to a production. .and they loved the whole experience as much as I did!! There is even some talk about attending the next really good show. .Jersey boys. .which will be there for 2 weeks in January!!
The other really amazing animal, in my opinion were the giraffes. The back legs were human legs on stilts. The giraffe head was worn on their heads, and the front legs were their arms working extra stilts. .Talk about coordination!!
As for me. .
I have a ticket to see Les Miserables in Oklahoma City with some of my coworkers next month. .and hopefully another spot in their car in April when West Side Story is there. .
though. .from the sounds of some of the girls last weekend. .
we may be taking our OWN carload of Kansans to see the production!!
Simply incredible!
Life with the family is still full. .
Extended family as well as immediate family. .
There will be updates one of these days. .
But For now. .
Hakuna Matata. .
Or. .No Worries. .
Or as I prefer to reflect on. .

1 Peter 5:7
Give all your anxieties and worries to the Lord. .for He cares about you

Psalm 55:22
Give your burdens to the Lord and He will take care of you, for He will not let the godly slip and fall!!  

Hakuna Matata??
That's just for imaginary folk!!

For the rest of us. .
There's a GOD!!
Look for Him today!!


  1. I was wondering about you and your poor lonely blog! ;) It WAS a good time! We have business in Wichita the end of October. I plan on hauling Dan to the antique mall. hehe

  2. HAHA! Knowing Dan, he will enjoy it!! Hope you take him to Ghengis Grill too!!

  3. A friend of mine said it was awesome!!! Glad you made it.