Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wild Horse Camp 2012

I think I am finally recovered from last week's excursion to Camp. .and our weekend to mom's!! Thought I would share some of the photos I took while at beautiful Camp Lakeside.
Devin went as a camper. .
And Tristan was old enough to be a counselor!! It was funny to watch him as a mother duck. .herding around a group of kids.
He did a great job supervising and playing with the kids!! He liked it well enough that he expects to go do it again next year. .and Grant too. Grant had to take the year off from camp, as they want a year between being a camper and a counselor.
Here's part of the chief crew. These people are all extension agents or volunteers. They opt to do all of the classes themselves. .to keep the price low enough for many kids to go. They work HARD. .and it is usually pretty thankless!! What a great and fun group of adults to work with!
The first night included a watermelon feed. .which most of the kids enjoyed!! There seem to always be plenty of home-sick tummy aches the first night too, which helps me earn my keep!!
This year's theme was
"The Outback!"
Two of the agents took the kids on a nature walkabout. I'm sure the scenery in western Kansas was fairly different from Australia. .but they enjoyed listening and looking to see what they might discover.
Air rifle classes. .
. .and archery. .big favorites!
This year the kids tried to shoot a balloon on the target board. I hear that a few kids were even able to do it!
Fishing is a usual class as well. .
And sometimes they even catch a fish or two!! Good thing Christine doesn't mind worms and fish!
It was super windy the whole time. .even in the valley between the hills. Several groups didn't get to go canoeing. .which was a big disappointment.
Water games were a huge success for the second year running!! This game entailed strapping a bucket to the waist of someone. .
. .while another someone tried to fill it up by throwing cups of water at it. .Take a good look at Hannah the counselor's face as she got doused! The water was reported to be awfully cool!
. .And anyone playing the game with the holy buckets could attest to that.
Aboriginal art was the theme of the craft class.  They colored on sandpaper for an interesting effect. .and then painted with glue. .
and sprinkled the glue with glitter. .this was a Father's Day card for his dad.
These were DA BOMB!! 
They haven't brought the pogo sticks to camp since I have been going to work as the nurse. There was someone on them at every break. .including yours truly. .and I still have the blister on the instep of my right foot to prove it! No major injuries though. .and we were truly glad for that!
A little wildlife action. .Devin snagged my camera to catch the blue heron they saw while fishing. They are magnificent creatures. .can't wait till our upcoming Grand Lake Vacation so I can view them up close and personal.
Here's our hometown crew. .not as many as last year. .but still quite a few kids!
The group building activities on the last day were a hoot!! They did "body spelling." 
Can you read 4-H?
That's it from WILD
HORSE camp 2012!! 
The older boys left today for football camp in northeast Missouri. .and Devin leaves on Monday for church camp. Baseball finishes next week. .and then 4-H projects will take top priority. .our house has been in full baking swing. .and the boys have been fixing up some real treats!! The recipes they have been testing out have real potential. .I hope to share them soon.  We enjoyed a couple hours at the lake this afternoon. .and were hoping to go to our fave Oklahoma lake for a day trip Sat. .
BUT. .believe it or NOT, it's going to be windy!! 
And boating and water sports are NOT fun in the wind!! 
So. .Instead. .
I'm hoping that we can get the last two house doors painted red and the new functional, non-broken doorknobs and hardware placed. I'm always so disappointed when all we have left to do is "honey-do" stuff. :-) The beets and garlic are also ready for harvest this weekend!! Summer temperatures hit here by Sunday. .and since today is the official FIRST day of summer. .I guess we'll have to be ready!
Have a great weekend, Ya'll!!


  1. Looks like a great time. Personally, I think you may be a little on the looney side, for VOLUNTEERING to do this every year. ;)
    Hope you get ALL your honey-dos done this weekend. We've got TONS of stuff we are trying to get done. All those little things that just nag the crap out of you, but you can never seem to get them done. Have a great weekend!!

  2. Wow, they really get to do a lot at that camp! That's great! Your family always has something fun going on!