Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New Blooms

As I write. .
I am sitting in a different region of Kansas. .
listening to the wind blow, the kids giggle and scream. .
and the scent of Coppertone perfumes the air!
It is dry here in northwest Kansas. .
and the flowers are lacking. .
but not the beauty. .
never the beauty!
I had loaded some flower photos to my blog before I left, in hopes of some late night downtime.
I found some downtime. .
at least for the moment.
The kids have kept me busy between headaches, scrapes, nosebleeds, and homesickness.
If you haven't read my past Reflections from Camp Lakeside you might take a minute to do that. .if you have ever had kids that went to camp. .or wondered about an insider's scoop on the happenings around one, check into it. .it will probably make you smile! And if you want the second year's elaboration on the reflections of camp life click! I have found in the 3rd and 4th years of camp nursing, that the scenarios are much the same, just with different faces, but I have to re-read them every year and smile just the same.
Come on, and I'll show you what is new this week around the ranch! The black eyed susans in the top photos are just incredible this year. .finally!! It has taken 3 years for them to look decent. .and I am excited to see them seeding themselves readily, to ensure a better show next year. This photo of the goldenrod, reveals a plant that is blooming more than a month ahead of schedule. The other plant is not ready to bloom yet, so hopefully the show will continue.
These thread leaf coreopsis were a purchase from last summer. I really like the airy foliage and bright blooms. .GonSS. .I see a future in your "red bed" for some of these!
One of the Lantam raspberry bushes put on some fruit! I was TOTALLY amazed. I snitched off the first ones before letting Jeremy try some the next week. We finally showed the kids where they were, so I may not get to harvest anymore myself :-) Those will be nice to have around in a few years as they grow!
These bush honeysuckles have developed a little red berry. I don't know if the birds will enjoy them, but they are fun to look at!! I have two bushes, the third one died. They are supposed to have a nice fragrant flower, but I have yet to smell that. The blooms aren't too exciting either, so we'll see what these berries attract. They may be a bush that will come out to make room for other vegetation.
A Red Sun sunflower. I didn't have luck with the re-seeding themselves in the true colors, so I wonder if this one just didn't germinate last summer and it is now. I'll take it though, because the photo doesn't EVEN do justice to the color!
The daylily parade has started. I need to take a minute and find the names again.
This was a start from my friend Pat. .
As was this one. .they are both just gorgeous!! And will make a nice filler near the driveway when they really take off.
Showy evening primrose, shared with me by GonSS. .is really showy. I notice that Camp Lakeside has a great clump of these blooming now too! I believe it is one of those super native, xeric plants.
This stone planter is just developing on a weekly basis! Can't wait to see how things look at the end of the summer!
I am super excited about this. .Wild Bergamont. .a slightly xeric, native bee balm; shared with me by Gaia Gardener. It spent the afternoon in the vehicle after she dug it. .and then two days in my back room before it got into the ground. Didn't phase it a bit!! It just started blooming before I left. We saw lots of it at Chaplin Nature Center last summer, and the Swallowtail butterflies were just devouring it! I had seen a few around the yard earlier. .hope they find it.
This. .my friends. .is a Calla lily. .something I would never have voluntarily tried to grow on my own!! Our pastor's wife gave me three bulbs. I planted them in the bog garden near the pond. They love moisture. .which I don't do so well. All three bulbs have come up, and this is the first to start blooming. The cardinal flower I spoke of last week is also still alive in this same little bed. Double Score!!
The giant sunflowers both bloomed. The stalks were much larger than the blooms turned out. .but they are pretty just the same. The height with a flower on top hasn't ceased to impress Devin and Cami yet!
Well. .that's all I have for the day. I can't wait to share some camp pictures and stories soon. Enjoy your week!!


  1. The wild bergamot is looking great! Mama plant is in full bloom here too, but here it's the bees luxuriating in the blossoms.

    What is the goldenrod that is blooming so gorgeously? I have a few blooms on one of my aromatic asters, but none on any of my various goldenrods....

  2. Nice to see you're connected out there in the wild. :-)
    Your black eyed susans sure are putting on a show and that red sunflower is great!
    Those cosmos are nice. They'd fit right in.
    So cool that you have a rasp berry bush with fruit even.
    The primrose is looking nice. I have a few blooms again on mine. I like to trim it back some after the first bloom but this year, the foliage has red streaks. It looks really cool especially since from the kitchen table, it is behind the red bed. It all just "goes together." Gaia said hers has red too. A new feature?
    I'll bet you'll be amazed at the changes in your garden after your camp week.

  3. Beautiful!!
    I kind of thought the Goldenrod would be a "boring" addition to my beds, but, well, its definitely NOT! I love it!! And I love all the winged little creatures that love it as well!!
    Still would LOVE to get some blueberries, but we just haven't been successful with any of the bushes we've had. I think we finally found a spot in our garden where one WOULD thrive, but the bush we put there was murdered by Summer 2011. Didn't even try one this year. Should have!!
    Hope camp is being kind to you!!