Friday, January 29, 2010

Poor, Poor, Pitiful Me

Well, you guessed it, we missed our retreat. It snowed and blew till mid afternoon here, the sun was hiding, and the roads were just treacherous. I was just a stewing, stressed out mess all morning long wondering if the storm was going to end in enough time for the sun to come out and thaw the roads slightly. I continually checked the weather reports and the KDOT road condition map. Salina had barely any snow (so I was told) and the show was definitely going off as planned, only with 20 fewer kids and sponsors! They had slightly over 300 kids attending so I hope they are having a FANTASTIC time. The way that I came across the information was a complete and total fluke, or as I thought, a God thing--so I spent some time asking why He had brought us across that information, only to change our plans and place it out of reach--maybe for safety reasons, maybe to identify an interest in our area, maybe to put it on my heart that there may be things I can do to bring information to our area. . . I don't know why--but it is not really my position to HAVE to understand it. . . but I would totally be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed. So after I made the decision to cancel and got everyone called, we did this instead-

They were even having fun! Look fun to you??

This is where little C and I watched the action!

D's not much of an adventurous nature either, at least not when
it comes to looking like his brothers did!!

She finally decided that she needed to try this out
We made two laps and called it good. GOOD!

Thanks for your prayers!! As I told the lady in Salina "It's better to be safe than dead!" There will be another opportunity! Hope everyone else is enjoying the outdoor snow sports, the bottomless hot cocoa cup, and the mountain of wet clothes and boots!


  1. It took me 20 minutes to dig out all the snow gear and get the kids out the door {while I was still in my pj's no less} and they only last about 7 minutes! Ahh...just threw the wet clothes in the dryer and called it good. They will be ready for 7 more minutes tomorrow!

  2. =-( I'm sorry you guys didn't get to go. Stupid snow.
    Looks like you guys had fun. I am sooooooo not a snow girl. I whine and gripe the entire time I am out in it, but enjoy looking at it while inside warm and cozy. I am ready for it to melt now though. One day inside was enough!