Friday, January 1, 2010


It seems like just yesterday we were partying like it was 1999--and now look, a whole decade has gone by--is that even possible?? Does anyone else think that it is a little strange how much optimism we have in our lives as we go from Dec 31 to Jan 1? No other 24 hour period holds that much hope or that much excitement that THIS year will be different from the last--almost like we get a do-over. I was pondering that today while taking my tree down. Any other day of the year tomorrow is. . . well, tomorrow. But yesterday, tomorrow was. . .a new start. I'll take 'em whenever I get 'em.
We have had a good week. The boys have been busy with basketball practice every day. They have also been doing a little work around here, but mostly just messing around. They got some new games for the Wii that has been keeping them entertained! D has enjoyed going to Becky's house with Cami a few times. The hospital has gotten busy again, we have been in a bit of a slow run, but it seems to be in double time now. They hired a Dr. to take my full time place. He can't start work until Feb 1, so that put me in a position to make some more decisions. I will help out with full time call for at least the next two weeks, and will work extra in the clinic, so it seems my slow down schedule is another couple weeks away.
Our regular "hang-out" crowd decided on Wednesday that we should have a New Year's Eve party. We generally do something, but we are getting mighty slow about deciding what and where. Our house seems to be a good location for the parties. It is in the middle of everyone's rural locations, it has several levels for children to scatter to, and the rooms of this nearly 100 year old place are large and open--so it works well. I love to entertain too, so I don't mind. D was asking me this morning how many people were here in all, so I counted in my head and came up with 33 people-over half were kids! It was loud! Callie had brought a bucket of nail polishes and clothes pins (odd combo??) But that kept many of the kids busy for a long time--they painted the clothes pins with the nail polish. Cami got her nails painted too--by two different artists, so she had navy blue on one hand and neon green alternating with hot pink on the other hand. She was quite enthralled with them. Tristan painted her toenails today with my deep burgundy polish, so she is definitely decorated!!
We enjoyed all kinds of finger foods from BBQ smokies to Mexican layer dip and salsas to basil bruschetta and homemade chicken strips and fries! The kids ended up outside for a long time playing flashlight tag in the dark. We played a little catch-phrase with some of the adults. That's a great game for parties. For those of you who haven't played, it has a little machine that you pass from person to person. It has a timer on it and you have to try to get your teammates to guess the word or phrase listed on the screen. There are several different categories and the timer continually speeds up, audibly beeping the whole time to stress everyone out! It gets pretty comical at times! Most of us were able to stay awake until midnight to ring in the new year. Even though Cami didn't fall asleep until a little after 11:00, she was ready to go at 7:30 this morning--I'm glad Jeremy was too--I slept in till nearly nine, when he thought he wanted to go outside and do something!
D and Tristan slept in till 10:30!! Grant went home with his friend after the party last night. The rest of us just stuck close to home today. I watched parts of the Rose Bowl Parade--that's MY new year's tradition. Some day I plan on sitting in the crowds of Pasadena to view it in person. Did you know that every inch of visible float must be covered by something organic?? They use a lot of poppy seeds and coconut flakes! My friend Jennifer said she watched a "Dirty Jobs" episode where they helped take apart the floats after the parade--I would have loved that!!
Now the tree is down, the outside lights are off (the ones that weren't already hanging off from the hurricane winds a few weeks ago), the greenery and pretty red berry sprigs that I have EVERYWHERE are tucked away till next year. I am always so excited to get it all out and make the house festive--but I am also glad to clean it all up and put it away and have a little more breathing room. The snowmen in my collection get to stay out for another couple months--some of them have changed locations, but they all keep me smiling when I look at their adorable little physiques!
This verse is one of my favorites--it is my personal prayer of thanksgiving nearly daily--I want it printed on the program they hand out at my funeral--it reminds me a little bit of our hope for the new year--Lamentations 3:23 Great is His faithfulness; His mercies begin afresh each day. No matter how badly you screw up or how miserable the day (or year) might have been, every single morning you get a NEW chance to make things right--what a great promise is that!! So enjoy your New Year, fix the things in your life that need to be fixed and live like there's no tomorrow!


  1. We had a great time! I love coming to your house. I need to get that recipe from you for the chicken!! The men are STILL talking about that!

  2. Sounds like you had a good time. We entertained as well, though there weren't quite as many... 19. Have you ever thought about blogging for a living? You always have such entertaining things to say.