Monday, October 19, 2009

Topeka Trip

Well, we survived the big trip to Topeka last weekend. It went better than I could have possibly imagined, as far as traveling 5 hours with 4 children I mean. Our first stop was the eye doctor.

Seems T is getting to be a pro with the contact and the doctor was pleased with his eyes. He got a box of his own contacts and we don't have to go back till next summer. Next stop was McPherson at Pizza Hut for lunch. Everyone behaved and ate well--Cami was still dry and did her duties there. We made it to Topeka by a little after 2. The cousins and friends had a BLAST playing football in the yard while we watched people shop at the garage sale. Cami and Kadon had a blast checking out all the toys (their toys) for sale. They just played and played and only removed a few stickers.

We did a little shopping at Kohls Friday evening and the kids watched a movie. Saturday was busy with Chris taking the boys to their games. My boys sure enjoyed watching the games and especially playing FB with uncle Chris before they started. Kristi said that overall the garage sale went pretty well, not as many people attended as they would have when they lived right off 75 highway. We had SOOO much stuff and so much good stuff left over, that Kristi and Samantha decided to take turns opening up the sale for one more weekend. Hopefully we will get rid of lots more stuff before taking things to the Goodwill store. Cami got a "new" pair of sparkly tennis shoes (that fit great). Kristi be sure to tell Samantha that she LOVES them. I did some shopping at our garage sale and traded Samantha out of a couple little things, then stole a cute little quilted wall hanging size thing from my sister, who was just GIVING it away (practically) and I guess she did give it away. . . to HER favorite sister!! (I have some ideas about what to do with it, just not sure yet--I'll take a picture when I decide!) We enjoyed a nice Mexican supper with all three of our families (totally 11 kids in all) and then Kristi and I took the kids to a pumpkin patch east of Topeka. They stay open until 11:00 pm, and seemed to be popular hangout for high school and college age kids. The pictures are from there. We stood in line for about 25 minutes before we could even get in. By the way, it was 32 degrees when we got back in the car, I forgot to look when we got out--a blessing I think!

We took some pictures with the signs--Crazy, excited kids!! Then we spotted this huge slide made out of some type of corrugated plastic pipe. I had to try it out too--it was quite a ride!! The kids loved that. We would watch the kids come out one at a time--quickly and quietly--until we would hear someone yelling from the top of the tube. Then more yelling, finally our 5 boys would come out all at once in a huge train of bumping bodies at the bottom--everyone collapsed in giggles. Mom, I know you are having a hard time imagining this!

We took a hayrack ride around the corn field. That was just plain cold! Next we pulled out our flashlights and went through half of the 8 acre corn maize. The corn stalks were amazingly tall. I was afraid that we would lose someone, but we didn't. D was ready to stop when we surfaced at the half-way mark--truthfully, so was I! By this time, my feet were starting to get cold! We found our way to the hot cocoa and REAL apple cider and then went to pick out pumpkins. My advice is that one should always pick out pumpkins in the light!! But it was a fun experience nonetheless. We came home with a few pumpkins for the carving and decorating contest at school, so everyone was happy. Chris stayed home with the two wee ones, who were also happy to be warm and munching on popcorn!
Sunday was a long trip home, as the trip home usually is. We stopped to shop a couple places. Dev looked thoroughly through the toy aisle, seeing what he may like for his birthday and Christmas. The big boys and Cami admired the fish department--also dreaming about Christmas. We got home just in time to unload the car and head for our Financial Peace class. Jeremy was glad to see us. He had a good time racing, and made it through 5 rounds in eliminations. He lost out around 2:30 in the morning--he thought his reaction time was slow because of the time of day!! He slept in his trailer again Saturday night and came home Sunday morning. He got the heat/thermostat/ and water hookups in my greenhouse, so now it fully functional. Things are growing and looking good. . . Bring on the winter!


  1. Oh, brrr! That sounds so cold! We've never tried the corn maze, I'm too scared. ;) Maybe one of these days we'll do it, but I think I'll spend the whole time counting heads. Love the "slide!" Looks like it was a great time in spite of the cold.

  2. What a blast! It was good to see you. Love the pictures!

  3. Thanks for the link to that blog!! I LOVE her blog. I had to chuckle. Its seems to be a fun mix of you blog and mine...beautiful plants and gardens and...CHICKENS! =)
    We are really upset we can't be there Sunday. I really want to see your greenhouse sometime soon!
    Hope G is feeling better!