Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mi Vida Loca

WOW! It has been so incredibly wild here for the last couple weeks. Hopefully we are on the downhill slide for a bit. The weather has been pretty dreary for the last few days. This morning I was interrupted in my shower by Grant wanting to know who I had made mad yesterday. When I asked what he was talking about, he replied that there was toilet paper all over the yard! Sure enough it was everywhere. It seems that the idea had been brought up on a little survey we had taken at work discussing what our receptionist should do for her 60th birthday. Learning how to pole dance and getting a tattoo were a few ideas that we all voted on. At the end of the week a suggestion had been added to TP my house. HAHA. I thought nothing of it. . . Seems Bam has a more adventurous spirit than I had given her credit for--all the while her house was getting TP'd too and styrofoam cups stuck into her fence announcing to the world (she lives on the main drag) that she is now SIXTY! " That's not old, is it dad!!
We have been doing a lot of church activities the last few weeks. We had a skating party for the youth group the night we made salsa. Unfortunately, when we got there, the rink was closed for repairs and will be open THIS weekend. Blah! so we took them to the park--never mind that it was dark and cold. We played kick the can for about 1 1/2 hours. The kids were amazed that I could still climb trees! I guess that will teach them to mess with this old woman!! We had 9 kids come to our first youth group meeting and then had 15 last night, with several more tentative commitments. It is pretty exciting. We are feeding them supper because we get them right off the sports bus at the corner and then take them down to our little country church. The kids are really enjoying it, and I think the adults are too. D is still going to kids club after school on Wednesday nights and loves it. He has been helping me lead the worship music and looks so proud! He was a little miffed that he couldn't attend the junior high group last week! He got over it!

Not even the baby was safe from these pranksters!
T's last game is tonight. He has gotten to play a fair amount of football this season. They have had 2 of the starters break their arms--(ya think they might need more milk??) and for the last 3 weeks we have had sick kids each game. I worked today so I didn't travel the hour to the game tonight--guess he didn't break an arm--no one has called! He has finally got his contacts figured out. He had a horrible time learning how to insert that puppy! He can see better. He checks in with the eye doctor in the morning to make sure it is fitting right.

The two older boys start BB practice in 1 1/2 weeks-Grant can't wait. Parent teacher conferences are also next week. I hope those go well.

Dev got to go to a local pumpkin patch this morning and came home with a HUGE pumpkin. He is excited. We are trying to figure out what he and Cami will be for Halloween. Costumes are on our weekend shopping list.

Cami is not going to potty train--she can pee on command now when you set her on, and occasionally she will tell us she needs to go but mostly if we don't catch her, she doesn't catch us! AHHH--I hate potty training! Took her to the chiropracter this week to assist her in her PMS phase--I think it helped--and her daycare provider thought she was back to her nice self. She just keeps growing and growing!

Our other nurse practitioner has been gone for the better part of 2 weeks now, so call has been more often and busier. I am ready for April to be here and flu season to be over. The sick list on Monday for elementary and middle school was 21, by 12:30 it was up to 36 and by the end of the day it was 42. Whole families are dropping like flies! We have had confirmed H1N1 in the county and many positive influenza A screens(the same strain as H1N1) So far this family has been lucky! I am counting down the days until the end of the year. I am feeling very overwhelmed between kids/family/home/sports/church activities/and 4-H stuff. I know, I know. . . JUST SAY NOOOOO!

Tomorrow I am loading up 4 kids, (providing none of them are on the sick list) and heading for Topeka to visit Sis and her family. I have been sending boxes of Cami's outgrown clothing and boy stuff for 2 years now and she is having a garage sale. So we are going up to help out and hang out. The new Yukon has a DVD player in the back, so that should help the ride go faster and more quietly!

J is headed to the last race of the season in Great Bend. He took out a couple of weeks ago and was home by 7:30 am (he left a little after 6) because he was feeling so rotten from a cold. So he feels good, the weather should be nice, and he will be GONE!!

So there ya have it, wanted to update all the far away families on our happenings around here. The greenhouse is up and running, tomato and pepper plants are repotted, green onion seeds are planted, lettuce is nearly ready to eat!! I think this adventure is going to be a blast!! Next weekend I'm heading on a girls trip to see the musical Wicked in Wichita (I have been waiting on the edge of my seat since winter 2008 when they first reported that it was coming!). Our 7th annual Halloween party will take place next Sunday afternoon. A lot of our usual crowd has a final peewee football game that day, so our crowd may be down a little! Usually there are over 40 kids there! It is a ball! Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. little rat! I want to see Wicked so bad, but when I even MENTIONED to Danny I thought it would be nice to go, it didn't got ever well. There was a nice big "OH HEEEEELLLLLL NO involved!! HAHA
    Tell T that 12 years ago or so Danny got contacts and couldn't get the hang of putting. He even clipped off his eyelashes with toe nail clippers because "they were in the way." This time around, he just popped those babies in and off he went...the eyelashes stayed in place, which is a good thing because it had taken them all that time to finally grow back!!
    Have fun in Topeka!!

  2. That above comment was suppose to say get the hang of PUTTING THEM in.
    Off to get coffee...obviously I need it.