Saturday, September 10, 2016

Digging me some Daylilies

So those of you who showed up today for a nice family update are out of luck for now. .
Though I have plenty of new photos and news to share. .

This post will be boring for most of you. .
I had ordered a reblooming daylily collection on sale a few months back. .
And this week I received the box in the mail. .

I have decided that, while daylilies don't hold up well in a bouquet. .they are stunning in my garden. .And I LOVE them!! I knew that I would never remember their names when they started to bloom. .
So I google imaged photos for the varieties I planted. .and then added them with the name and location of where I planted them.
Lucky for us. .
We got a nice shower last night and cool temperatures today to get them adapted in well!!

So here goes!
The first four went into the south flower bed. .well. .it's a bed. .mulched in. .but it doesn't actually have ANY flowers growing there. .
Hopefully the addition of the new daylily plants will fix that!! And make a stunning little border in the spot I planted them at.

Starting at the east side of the bed and moving to the west I planted one tuber of each of the following daylilies. .
Eggplant Explosion
Passion for Red
and finally. .
Mighty Chestnut!

The last four were planted into the Memory Garden. .
nearest to the south sidewalk is
Daring Deception. .
And a few feet to the north is
Exotic Candy
Then about 10 feet to the north of that near my little rock bench. .

On the south side of the rock bench is
midnight raider daylily
and on the north side is
Ruffled pastel cheers. .

These last four will also be readily visible as we walk the sidewalks. .
Hope my flowers are as pretty as the ones I found online!!

We are enjoying a beautiful fall-like day here. .
Hope you are too!


  1. Hi Melanie--I just LOVE the colors of these. I'm sure it's gonna look great when they fill in.
    We had a storm blow in yesterday and now the temps are all 70's for the week--and I am soooo glad to welcome that!
    Have a terrific week

  2. Not boring at all! I love your color combinations! Can't wait to see them in bloom!

  3. Oh my gosh, those are beautiful! Those colors will be awesome around your place. Hope they all multiply for you!