Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Family Update. .

Quick little update about us. .Mostly I will just caption this smattering of pictures from the last several months!! It has been the craziest 2 months of my entire life with stuff and stuff and more stuff!!
I look for things to slow down a lot this summer. .
Grant's last year of golf. .He placed 5th in the regional meet. .and got to golf at the State meet. .What an exciting time for him!!
Tristan (the tallest guy) came back to help me with another 30 hour Famine the first part of May. It was a hectic time to do it. .and we had a small group of kids. .but we raised enough money to feed 11 kiddos for an entire year!! We did some clean up work for one of the ranches that sustained devastating damage in the Anderson Creek Fire back in April. .and I have now seen rats as big as housecats. .almost!! It was a great weekend for all of us!! And a good reminder about how fortunate we are here in the U.S. and how fortunate I am!!
I'm so glad that God has allowed me to be able to bless others in this tiny way with my money and my time!!
Tristan graduated from North Central Kansas Technical College early May with a certificate in carpentry. He will go to Topeka in August and do a year specializing in cabinetry and millwork. He is working full time with our carpenter friend for the summer and living at home with me for the last time ever!! God willing, anyway!!
Miss Cami finished 2nd grade. This is her leg of the relay during their mini track meet. She is at 4-H camp this week. .she called at 10:10 last night sniffling!! It's the first time in many years that I haven't gone to camp with the kids as their nurse. .but in a post to come. .you'll read about the fact that we spent 10 days touring Oregon. .and when I don't work. .I don't get paid. .and neither does my guy!!
So unfortunately--I had to stay home. .and she had to miss her mama!!
Devin will now be a big 8th grader. .and then on to high school! A one year respite from all things high school will be appreciated. .though I will still work with the youth group--so I guess not completely away from high school and all the craziness!
He finished track. .throwing discus and shot. .and even ran in a 4X200 relay! He also played in a brass ensemble with 3 young ladies at our district contest and received a 1 rating. He's been to tractor safety. .and ready to help with wheat harvest in the next couple weeks! He is also at 4-H camp this week. .and gets to go to a church camp later in July! He will be mowing granddad's yard and working full time in his dad's shop doing the grunt labor! He loves it!
Two years in a row we launched a kid out of the house. Grant graduated in May. .and will study diesel mechanics next year in Topeka! He is excited to be done. .
And we are too! It will be super crazy to send them both out of the house in August!! We have sure depended on those two big boys for a lot of stuff!! We'll miss their personalities. .and their labor!
Grant and Makenzie headed to the prom. She will also be attending college in Topeka next year. They have been dating for nearly 2 years now. Seems like they are headed in a direction!
We took the opportunity to go on one big family vacation. Jeremy had been a little disgruntled the last couple years because it has rained so many days of our lake vacations. .so when he said "I think we just won't even go back for a week next  year" THIS girl jumped and convinced him that we needed to head for Oregon to visit my aunt and uncle. He agreed. .and as I studied the potential for the trip, I was able to talk him into an entire 10 days to see the best of what Oregon has to offer. .
And I can now tell you firsthand--Oregon has a LOT of awesome adventures to partake of!
I took about 1000 pictures (Literally) and look forward to posting some of those soon and logging our trip online!!
 Thanks for dropping by. .and come back soon!


  1. Oh, wow! Your nest is emptying TOO fast! But isn't it amazing watching our kids become grownups and fascinating people in their own right? I just LOVE having adult kids! (And grandkids, of course! THE best! :) )

  2. I'm always just so happy to see your great family and all your "doings". What a terrific bunch of kids you have.
    And my favorite is always the shots of you and Jeremy--it's like "bad boy" meets "the girl next door" fairytale stuff. Either he's not that BAD, or perhaps you're not that good??? Teehee--you guys are so cute!
    Looking forward to seeing where you went in Oregon---hubby and I LOVE Oregon and go back a lot. If only I could convince "The Boy" to move there--I'd get there even MORE!
    Have a great week, Melanie

  3. My goodness Tristan and Grant are moving quickly into their adult lives. Sounds like good things with those two. I'm sure Devin will find ways to keep you busy with 8th grade happenings. Sweet Cami missing you at camp...hang in there, both of you! Looking forward to your Oregon post. Exciting to see new places.