Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fragility. .

Have you ever stopped to truly ponder the fragility of life as we know it?
It seems like I UNDERSTAND that. .
but I am often left just breathless when circumstances occur that remind us OF that!
It's a concept that I have been left contemplating several times in the last 1 1/2 years!
As many of you have heard. .
An F4 (at this point anyway) tornado swept thru Moore, Oklahoma yesterday afternoon. .
leaving a city ravaged in destruction!! 

photos courtesy of the Associated Press via internet

The death toll was down today to around 24 from 51 reported yesterday. .
Thank GOD. .
But 2 elementary schools were hit by the tornado. .
and 9 fatalities thus far are children.
It seems, that since our minor car accident occurred nearly 2 months ago. .
that I have just been more compelled. .
Compelled to an urgency to talk to people about their relationship with the Lord. .
My heart has been heavy with a realization (stemming from the "blink of an eye" moment resulting in "what the heck happened" moment related to our accident. .followed by all the "what if" moments and the "wow. .my life looked awful short compared to how LONG eternity looks when standing on that threshhold" moments!)  
A realization that there should be an urgency in the people of God. .
An urgency to help people REALIZE how LITTLE this world matters. .
and how MUCH we stand to lose if we focus ON the matters of this world. .
Every person that went to work yesterday morning. .
All those mom's who dropped off their kids at those schools. .
Undoubtedtly had supper plans for last evening, that certainly weren't fulfilled the way they thought they would be at 8:00 am!
We. .
I. .
get sooo caught up in our plans for ourselves. .
that we rarely consider the fact that today could be our last in this world. .
One point that I have been compelled to talk to the high school kids lately has been this. .
Look at your life. .
Look at what you accomplish in a day or in a week. .
How much time are you spending in your prayer life. .
or reading that instruction book written by God called. .
the BIBLE??
Are you talking to people?
Showing others what a child of God looks like?
Digging deeper into a relationship with the Lord?
Is Jesus Christ a priority in your life??
Because if He isn't. .
You may not be a priority of His on the last day either!!
In the wake of a tragedy. .
In a world whose headlines are filled with tragedies of increasing magnitude WEEKLY. .
I challenge you. .
the one on the other side of this screen TODAY. .
I challenge YOU. .
to quickly take an account of your time. .
right now. .
If you are spending an hour or less per week in your relationship with God. .
1/168 of your week praying. .
sitting on a church pew. .
studying your bible. .
pursuing a deeper knowledge about the One who holds eternity in the palm of His hand. .
I suggest to you. .
Make some changes in your life!!!
Hear me say. .
I'm NOT suggesting that your eternity rests on how MUCH time you spend. .
but if you aren't committed to spending TIME. .
You may want to consider. .
Pouring more time into carrying out GOD'S agenda for your life. .
and spending LESS time on your own agenda. .
Because in that split second when MY time on earth could have ended. .
MY agenda seemed awfully miniscule in the eternal scheme of things!
And many of the multiple activities that I engage myself in. .
would have had very LITTLE effect on HOW I spend eternity. .
don't make an eternal mistake of your priorities. .

James 4:14
Yet you do not know what your life will be like tomorrow. You are just a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away.


Romans 6:23
For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

The people that were most affected by the disastrous tornado near Oklahoma City. .
woke up yesterday just like you did today. .
planning for a regular, same 'ole- same 'ole day!
Pray for those hurting people. .
And give some thought toward your eternity. .
and the One who makes that possible. .
For tomorrow. .
your regularly planned day. .
might take you by surprise!!

If you aren't sure how to take the steps needed to ensure your eternal salvation. .
please contact me. .
I'd love to walk you through the process!!
Blessings to you all!!
I have some garden happenings coming up. .
but this subject just weighed on my heart to address today!


  1. The destruction seems incomprehensible and yet makes it so obvious that there is a greater power.


  2. It was heart-breaking! We go through that area so often that it seems unreal to think it is mostly gone. I agree that we need to be more aware that every day is a gift and things can change SO fast. However, I think we have to walk a fine line between being so heavenly minded that we are of no earthly use...that was from a recent Sunday school lesson :) But, at the same time, the Bible tells us to be prepared for the day of the Lord's return...and that means spending the time you mentioned in prayer, study, reading, being with others who are like minded!! This is also a good reminder not to take for granted the "ordinary" of our days!!

  3. Thank you for your thoughts, Melanie. One thing that stands out to me in all this ... the OUTPOURING of help from EVERYWHERE. People WANT to help. Hopefully that also plants a seed or provides a way for folks to see their need for salvation.