Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sugar and Spice. .

I always wanted to be a mom. .
I always wanted to have a little girly-girl. .
Strike one. .
Strike two. .
Strike three. .
I. . .was. . .out. 
But God has plans for us all. .
And a sense of humor. .
So. .
Instead of the consultation with the gynecologist to discuss a permanent solution to pregnancy. .
I got to see my obstetrics doctor and plan for child #4.
And God blessed us with this little princess.
She is ALL girl. .with a little bit of tomboy thrown in.
Her dad takes her to daycare on my health department days. And he is always bossing her to hurry up.
This morning was no different.
When he came back into the house from starting vehicles we heard him shout. .
"Cama-lama!!! Are you ready???"
Then we heard a sweet, calm little voice from my bedroom, 
undoubtedly in front of the full length mirror, say
"I'm putting on my makeup. I'll be just a minute. .OK?"
And my big, tough hubby's gruff voice
MEEKLY said. .
"OK." And he sat down quietly at the kitchen table to wait.
And, so it begins!!


  1. Oh, how I've chuckled over this blog! Thanks for starting my Wed. work day with a smile!

  2. Sounds like he fits around her little finger very well. Too cute!

  3. Ahh. I love this girl! She's Gooooorrrgous. ;)

  4. I am always so taken by miss Cami. I was one of those bad people who was prayin secretly for your girl, and I soooo remember the shock of when it happened. What a wonderful gift she is! DJ

  5. Oh my goodness! That is a sweet story!