Monday, January 9, 2012

What Will I Ever Do??

. .when the crazy and insane madness comes to end at this house in a few more years?? We had a pretty low key weekend. .not a lot of pre-planned activities. .but in retrospect. .a world with four kids is just CRAZY!! There is noise and commotion and movement everywhere you turn!! Maybe that's why I like my blogging so much. .it's just me. .and it's quiet. .and I can reflect a little. .and put together grown up thoughts--not related to sickness, health, or contraception!! It's refreshing. .slow deep breath in. .slow deep breath out. .
So, wanna hear about our low key weekend?? Not surprisingly, my camera was close at hand and I captured lots of commotion in . .well. .motion!!
The weather remains fairly nice. Temps in the 50s-60's with slight breezes. I wandered around the flower beds several times. .and Devin and I did a little indoor gardening too. We started some winter-sowing projects. .a gardening technique I have learned about via blogs and Pinterest. .another post coming soon on that, though. This picture shows Devin and I doing an experiment with celery stalks. .if it works. .I'll tell ya all about it!!
Cami and I did some girly things. .like put on makeup, fix Barbie's hair, and re-outfit some of the 25 year old Barbie dolls, in addition to doing some tricks on the trampoline. .I'm a little mortified that our county cops have seen my tricks as they stopped to talk to Jeremy about their vehicle issues! 
We also baked. .
But I really haven't heard ANYONE complaining :-)
The unfrosted ones were adapted from a recipe my paternal grandma used to make. The filling is brown sugar, a smidge of white sugar, cream, and coconut. .they later got frosted with a cooked icing made from cream, brown and powdered sugar. .tasting kinda caramel-y. MMMM! Pioneer Woman has the best and easiest dough recipe to makes lots of rolls at once. .check it out. .it's SOOO simple. .and not time consuming at all--I MIGHT have had 30 minutes involved in these TWO batches of her recipe!
Nature watching. .to Gaia Gardener, who inspired me to be still and see what was in my trees. .I saw juncos, goldfinches, and sparrows. .oh, and two mourning doves. Watching the cat watch the fish was more entertaining to me this weekend. The water was a little low, and she was able to get out onto one of the rocks jutting out of the south end of our pond. I got so tickled to watch her checking out the numerous fish in there. .
. .And watching them taunt her!!
Dev and Cami did some building, in between their arguing about who got which dominos. .and who was accidentally. .or on purpose-ly. .knocking down whose structures. .lots and LOTS of bickering here. .even on a good day. .
Speaking of bickering. .I do NOT recall my brothers engaging in this kind of unruly behavior. .but then, I was older, so maybe I was gone by the time they started it. .or maybe not everybody's family behaves this way. .
Wrestling, baby. .wrestling!!
It always starts as good clean fun. .and generally there seems to be a match every Sunday after lunch. .
This particular match was pretty serious. .more like the wrestling you see on TV. .what, you've never seen wrestling on TV??? Where they are laying still, pushing, feeling out the strength of the opponent, calculating their moves. .and whatever else they do on that mat. .before they pin someone and make them cry. .or maybe that last part just happens here.
Even Cami has learned how to wrestle. .I call that "well-rounded." She can cheer, and sing, and dance, and wrestle?!? And she can do all of it. .in her fancy church dress!! She'll make some boy so happy some day!
Look at this. .she can even make a grown man cower. She won't need her older brothers to protect her. .Her wicked "arm bar" maneuver will scare the pants off any misbehavin' young man!
She's no angel. .
she's the devil. .in disguise!
And, by the way. .
Have I EVER mentioned that Kansas sunsets
Hope everyone had a restful weekend. .
and that you are refreshed for the week ahead!
Blessings to all. .and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hmm..yes..we have wrestling like that at our house too. But ours usually end with someone in tears OR someone stomping off to their bedroom and slamming the door!
    Love the picture of your kitty!

  2. Gorgeous gorgeous sunset.
    And I love all the baking. You can keep the wrestling part though!

  3. Glad you got a little time to stop and watch the birds...and the cat! (That photo of her, with her reflection in the perfectly still water, is wonderful!) Any idea what kind of sparrows you're seeing? There are lots. Right now I've got Harris sparrows, white crowned sparrows, and house sparrows.

    The silhouetted mailbox at sunset is gorgeous too. I agree that Kansas sunsets ROCK - and this January they seem particularly gorgeous!

  4. I do remember wrestling at our house growing up and I believe it was usually instigated by Dad!! That's how it works at my house these days, too, the Dad starts it. I bet you could ship some of those cinnamon rolls to T-town for me. :)


  5. Our sunsets are the best. I'm also enjoying the long shadows in the garden as it is nice enough to be out there in the afternoon when the sun is causing them so low in the sky.

    Great photo of the cat on the pond.

    I haven't made cinammon rolls in ages. You make it sound so much easier than I remember. I have PW's cook book. I need to check that recipe.

  6. Enjoyed all your "commotion." :) LOVELY sunset.

  7. yes, we have wrestling here. it always makes me a little nervous because i know in the end, the youngest one will be crying! it always starts off fun, but then, who knows! by the way, that is a gorgeous sunset!!!

  8. I don't know how you keep your sanity with all you do. Love the picture of T's face, it really displays intensity. Cami looked soooo pretty with her face all made up too. Wish I could have those rolls, they look REALLY good! DJ

  9. I also saw PW on TV, and how many they delivered to friends. I really need to try some of my own or move closer to you. Ha ha!
    My boy did lots or wrestling too. I hated it. I was raised with all girls in the house and never got used to that rough house. I think it's something to do with the physical touch. It's a boy thing for sure. Cami is a trouper. I bet her brothers will look out for her when she gets older.My boys did when Carmen started dating.
    And yes the sun set is beautiful! We have to many trees near us to see a good sun set.