Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lights. .Camera. .Action!

I am not a fan of facebook. I rarely get on. .and if I do. .I might run down the first page of posts to find a newsworthy item or two. A few weeks ago, I found myself scrolling down the page when I saw a post to a friend of ours from church about family photos. The girl inquiring wasn't able to make it to the sitting. .and since I had mentioned having Deb take our photos this summer. .I decided to see if she would be interested in doing our family pictures.
Thankfully, she was open to the challenge. .and we discovered just how talented she is!! I have boycotted school photos. .since generally they stink. .and they cost out the wazoo. .so I needed individual photos of all the kids. .plus I wanted some little extras done. Like, with just my guys. .
. .and just the girls!!
And she threw in some of her own "extras" as well!! FUNNY!!
Doesn't Camille think she is just "all that."
I loved the individual pictures she took of each of the kids. .
Our Justin Bieber look alike. .
Tristan Michael. .age 15
The "Drumminator"
Grant Thomas--age 13
Our little "devil"
Devin Jacob--age 8 (very soon to be 9)
And. .
Miss Thing
Camille Grace--age 3 1/2 (soon to be 4)
She was all over the bubble blowin'. .and it was really hard to decide which one I liked best! The rest of their individual photos weren't too hard to choose. Each kid had a photo that was just them. .their eyes. .their smiles. .their expressions. .or lack thereof. Debbie did an EXCELLENT job of capturing "us"!
We took the pictures at our house. I was really leery about that. .cause there weren't any really great places to get photos that would have nice backgrounds. .without dead cars, or buildings, or dead grass and vegetation!! But, Deb stopped by after church and looked around and thought that it would work fine. And I am so glad that we did!! The pictures are just that much more special! Most of them were taken by our new fence. .which you have probably been able to tell. The lighting was best here too. She also did some photos
around the pond. .the pitcher pump water feature. .and the old slipper slide we put in the garden a couple years ago.  
And she was so in tune with all the details. .where everyone's hands were, how their legs were, etc. And,
amazingly. .there wasn't a whole lot of bickering! Taking them at our house, also allowed for multiple outfit changes. .so it didn't look like we took all the pictures on the same day.
There were so many photos. .it will certainly be hard to decide which ones to print! I'm thinking that I will either have her make a collage. .or I will get one of those collage frames and do a lot of the "extra" prints. .like the ones above. .where just different small groups were photographed.
The last thing I told Debbie that I wanted was a photo of just Jeremy and I. .and I told her that I wanted a
picture that looked like we were "in-love," and not old and staunch. .as have been the way all of our previous photos have turned out!!
I LOVE the way she captured that!!
I think this one was my favorite of the day. I like the color one too. .but the green tint to the water pulled my eye over every time I looked at it. I am sure she could fix that. .but I am a lover of all things old. .and black and white. .and this works good for me!

I apologize for the family photo overload. .but I wanted to share some of my favorites with you all. .AND. .since my family hasn't recieved any family pictures from us in quite a while. .now they can even choose their favorites and put in their requests!

Enjoy your day!


  1. Love them!! Beautiful pictures of some of my very favorite people. Hmmm..I wonder if she can make Danny and I look like we like each other. ;)

  2. They look fabulous!!! You pick out your favorites and those are the ones you can give to me.


  3. Awesome! We really need to have this done...I haven't had a family picture (officially) since Westynn was born!! BAD MOM! Yours are fantastic!

  4. Great photos! Thanks for sharing them!

  5. Oh my! What a beautiful family! Each one of them are super.
    I have to say the black and white of you and hubby is stunning! You all are such a cute family!

  6. All the photos are great! Your home place as the setting is extra special. Thanks for sharing.

  7. All the photos are fantastic-but for some reason, I like the B&W ones the best!
    What a great family you have!