Monday, September 13, 2010

The Witch Is IN!

The tree, that is!!
If you thought you were having a bad day. . .just check this girl out!!
Cami and I got motivated to go to the basement this morning in search of my smashed witch ingredients.  It's been several years since we put her out--and I was tickled to see all my "ingredients" still on a pile on the floor under the shelves.
The ingredients consist of 4 2X4 pieces (mine are probably 3 feet long), a black long sleeved tee, black sweats or pants, one wig, a pair of black boots, a pair of gloves, one black trash sack, and a big ole witch hat!  Oh yeah, and a broom!!
The boards go into each sleeve and each pant leg and get nailed up to the tree (this tree being at the end of my driveway in a location sure to stir up commotion).  The gloves and boots need to be nailed to the end of the boards. I do this before I nail the body parts to the tree.  Then I nail the boards onto the tree, spacing them out enough to make a real looking body proportion.  The wig and the trash sack/cape get nailed up next.
Time to tuck and fluff the ole girl.
 I used small nails with heads to nail the shirt and cape to the leg boards--holding the sweatpants up into the costume in the back--so you can't see her butt crack--if you must know!
My husband was out of big nails, so I used his screwdriver to put in three screws to hold the broom in  its place under her hiney.
Nail the hat over the wig--I ALWAYS use blonde hair--mostly to keep the neighbors from looking twice to make sure it wasn't me!!
                                                           And there you have it. . .
Someone who is having a WORSE day than you are!!
Remember to stop and be thankful!!


  1. So cute & innovative!! Sure to make some drivers looks twice...hope they don't call 911!

  2. LOVE it Mel! Can't wait to drive by and see her!

  3. Ha ha ha! That's awesome! She has some pretty hot boots. You're lucky I live too far away to drive by. ;)

  4. LOVE her stylin boots!! Can't wait to see her!